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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The world leader in online aphasia treatment and group interaction. 8-4-2010

Some interesting facts about The Aphasia Solutions Network and

Recent presentations by our staff members:

Janet Ross, our team leader for groups, co-presented with Bill Connors a presentation titled, International, online aphasia groups for support, treatment and collaborative, peer practice -- Flattening the World of Aphasia Recovery  at the International Aphasia Conference in Montreal June 27, 2010.   Janet discussed how online aphasia groups can offer social and emotional support; provide opportunities for socialization and interpersonal interaction; increase skills in social engagement; and present opportunities for PWA to practice skills and for speech therapist to do formative [ ongoing ] assessments of what is working in treatment and what to focus on next.  We have attached the session handout. 

Bill Connors gave a presentation entitled What Can Be Learned from a 10 year Longitudinal Study of the Treatment of a Person with Aphasia at the International Aphasia Conference in Montreal June 27, 2010 .  Bill focused on what outcomes for aphasia rehabilitation most PWA truly want to achieve. Such as employment, leading a productive life, chatting with friends, reading stories to grandchildren, screen literacy and talking with a spouse.  For a copy of Bill's PowerPoint presentation contact him at .

Paul Berger, our consumer consultant and owner of, assisted his wife Stephanie Mensh presenting Translating Aphasia Rehabilitation from Clinical Settings to Functional Communication: A Case Study at the International Aphasia Conference in Montreal June 27, 2010. 

Paul Berger and Bill Connors presented to the Consumer Empowerment Briefing Panel of the eHealth Initiative in Washington, DC June 14, 2010.  Paul and Bill presented information about and provided a demonstration of online, telerehab aphasia treatment. 

Adam Miller and Bill Connors presented in the Communication Café at the National Aphasia Association's regional conference in Washington, DC on June 12, 2010.  They discussed and demonstrated the computer software programs at as well as other technology and screen literacy for PWA.   

If you are interested in a workshop, for either consumers, groups, or SLPs, contact Bill Connors at 724.494.2534 or .  Workshops and presentation can be onsite or online.

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Did you know?

1.    We now offer aphasia treatment in seven languages: English, French, American Sign Language, Hindi and 3 other Indian languages.

2.    We now have 6 experienced speech language pathologists on our staff and we collaborate with dozens of other SLPs and clinics.

3.    We offer free of charge The Aphasia Communication Café.  These are online videoconferencing cafés for people with aphasia [ PWA ] to meet and chat with other PWA.  Visit our online calendar at to see when they meet or contact us at for more information.

4.    Our Aphasia Sight Reader Program has more than 350+ stimuli lists for words and sentences.  This allows for unlimited patient practice independently or with a coach or caregiver.  It also provides a simple and efficient means for speech/language pathologists to collect data and to manage treatment stimuli.  When combined with our consultation and treatment protocols, effective and efficient aphasia practice and evidence-based rehabilitation can be facilitated.  The results of client practice can be emailed to coaches or therapist to maintain ongoing contact and treatment updating.

5.    We have more than 14 different treatment, support and conversation groups that allow us to work on social interaction, interpersonal and conversational skills and engagement [].  Aphasia research has clearly spelled out the importance of peer interaction in aphasia recovery.

6.     We are proud to share the news that we now have 4 people with aphasia on our staff.

7.     Our average client spends 2.8 hours a day in independent or coached practice outside of treatment and group sessions.

8.    We will be adding treatment of communication and cognitive problems related to traumatic head injury.

9.    We now collaborate with speech/language pathologists in 22 different states in the USA, 3 provinces in Canada, as well as in Europe, India, and Greece as we work together to ensure the finest in innovative and evidence-based aphasia treatment.

10.  We collaborate with aphasia support and conversation groups throughout the United States and Canada.  Our goal is to add to our network of people with aphasia, caregivers and professionals to facilitate support and intergroup communication and interaction.   Feel free to contact us to discuss how your group can reap the benefits of participation [ ].

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  1. Aphasia treatment must be given in timely and the facts which you are shared are very true and come to know about that now.