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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Announcing the Online Aphasia Communication Café

Announcing the Online Aphasia Communication Café

We now offer aphasia treatment in the following languages:

Several other Indian languages
American Sign Language

Our next issue will discuss recent presentations by our staff, including both speech therapists and people with aphasia at the National Aphasia Association's regional conference in Washington, DC and the International Aphasia Conference Montreal, Canada.

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People with aphasia benefit from chatting with others, meeting new people, making new friends, and sharing ideas and thoughts.  The Online Aphasia Communication Café is a chance for people with aphasia to do just that!

The Aphasia Solutions Network and continue to combine innovative ideas with technological solutions to advance the world of aphasia recovery.  As part of our efforts to flatten the world of aphasia and to provide effective and affordable ways for people with aphasia to continue to aggressively travel the pathway of aphasia recovery, we present our Online Aphasia Communication Café.

We use the simplicity of videoconferencing ( ) to allow people with aphasia to communicate with other people with aphasia online in the comfort of their own homes. Evidence clearly demonstrates the importance of engagement, peer social interaction and group interaction for adults with communication problems. If you are a person with aphasia or if you are an SLP who has a client, active or discharged, or a friend or family member who might benefit, feel free to let them know about the café.

In order to participate, the person needs to:

1.   register with

2.   add the following friends -  aphasia;aphasia2; aphasia3 .

3.   register and receive the simple instructions by emailing

4.   visit our group calendar at

5.   select an online café for details

       6.   ask via the chat feature permission to join the chat and VOILA! - enjoy the banter with other people with aphasia.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments -- or724-494-2534.

The following is the consumer information about the cafés available on our online calendar clicking the group title on the calendar:

Name - The Aphasia Communication Cafe

When - Monday 7 pm est - 8 pm est

Where -

Description - Host Janet Ross. Alberta Canada -  the Aphasia Communication Cafe is basically an online coffee shop for people with aphasia to meet new people, make new friends from all over the world, and share ideas,thoughts and stories.  They can also practice using what skills they have been working on in aphasia treatment.  This cafe is exclusively for people with aphasia and/or apraxia.  Cost - no charge at this time - this is a public service of and the family of people with aphasia at The Aphasia Solutions Network. Seats available -- 6 on a first come first seated basis.   For more information and to register for the cafes please contact Bill Connors at  


Tuesday 11 am est - noon est Host Paul Berger, Falls Church VA

Wednesday  3 pm -- 4 pm est   Host Adam Miller , Bronx NY

Thursday 9 am est - 10 am est Host  Mary Smith, Eugene OR

We will be adding more cafés as needed.  If you are a person with aphasia and are interested in hosting a group contact us.

"I want to thank our people with aphasia who have worked so diligently in treatment in improving their communication skills that they are able to host these groups."  Bill Connors

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