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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Aphasia Center of Innovative Technology

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Breaking News - Technology Scholarship Awards  [deadline 5/08]
Innovative Technology Treatment Solutions Awards for Professionals and Families- Free Resource Guide and One Hour Phone Consult
I am offering 15 awards in honor of Better Speech and Hearing Month and Stroke Awareness Month. The purpose of the ITTS Award will be to help recipients zero in quickly on the most appropriate technology  to enhance talking, reading, writing, thinking, learning and memory in their situation. The ITTS Award includes a 1-hour phone consultation and a free copy of "Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician's Guide"  ( . It will be awarded to 10 professionals and 5 family members.  Send an email to for an application. Learn more about the using technology to enhance treatment at Applications will be accepted thru May, 2008. Recipients of the awards will be announced in June.
TWIST  for Life (Technology with Innovative Speech Therapy)
Distance Life Coaching to Improve Communication, Cognition and Learning
 A variety of online life coaching packages are available. The primary goals of TWIST for Life are to provide information and resources for families to enhance the development of specific communication, literacy and cognitive skills, develop alternative and compensatory strategies with a heavy emphasis on the most appropriate technology and access community and online resources. Sessions can take place in person in Potomac, MD, on the phone, or online with video conferencing and/or application sharing. Families discuss their situations with Joan and provide pertinent reports and information. Joan then brainstorms potential solutions and shows them the most effective and affordable resources and software programs that are selected for their situation. They watch Joan demonstrate the use of the products on their monitors and give the software a try. Joan is able to configure computers to optimize progress from a distance.
 TWIST at a Distance for Professionals- Online Coaching and Training
Professionals who work with adults who have had strokes or head injuries and those who work with children who have developmental and acquired communication, learning and cognitive challenges often want to know how to use technology to enhance outcomes, make work more enjoyable, increase revenue, and create effective home practice programs. TWIST at a Distance for Professionals was created for the busy therapist who wants to get up and running quickly with the most appropriate technology to improve service delivery. This new program empowers therapists with the knowledge of quality affordable resources and techniques to improve treatment without the expense and time involved with travel. High speed online access is required. Email Joan@ for more information. A variety of packages are available.
 Joan L. Green, M.A. CCC-SLP
Founder of Innovative Speech Therapy
Author of "Technology for Communication and Cognitive Treatment: The Clinician's Guide"
Recipient of "Most Outstanding Contribution to the Field" Award- 2008- MD Speech, Lang. and Hearing Assn
1-800-IST-2550/ 301-602-2899

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekly Newsletter 5-20-08

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Aphasia Center of Innovative Treatment Newsbrief                      05/20/08
Newsbrief Volume 2

The Aphasia Center of Innovative Treatment (ACIT) in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center (PATREC) is offering a series of workshops.  At ACIT and PATREC we, like our patients, defiantly refuse to accept the idea of patient plateaus.  Rather, we appreciate the potential of the human brain to mend itself given its plasticity and powerful capability for recovery.  As Kimberly Dozier on Sunday Morning CBS offered,  “The key to recovery is attitude.”  Our patients possess an uncompromisingly assertive attitude about self-help therapy. 
 The first in our series is Plateau Busting I, a unique workshop rooted in Simply Smart Aphasia Therapy that provides truly useful and understandable methods and tools to assist in aggressively attacking aphasia and its related disorders.   The workshop will be facilitated by Bill Connors, M.A., C.C.C.-S.L.P., Founder and Director of ACIT, PATREC and  The first session will be held in Pittsburgh, PA as noted below.  See the attachments for program details and syllabus.  We will be pleased to offer this workshop in other population centers by invitation.  For more information or to set up a workshop in your community, contact Bill Connors at by email or call 724-494-2534.
 Participants will learn the following.
  • How to use the Visual Definition of Aphasia and Apraxia to clearly understand and identify in basic terms the major elements of the individual’s aphasia.
  • How patients and helpers can create and implement a plan of attack for identified aphasic elements.
  • How to improve cognitive, memory and attention skills to jump start progress in aphasia therapy.
  • How to, in simple terms, turn boring drills into robust, effective therapeutic activities based on evidence-based research and learning theory.
  • How to quickly use newly learned skills in conversation – bottom-line therapy.
  • How to simplify, adapt and maximize the use of computers and computer programs for therapy including the pioneering Aphasia Sight Reader.
  • How to take advantage of technology, with a focus on, to continue traveling the pathway of recovery.
  • How to boost your practice time and effectiveness to maximize recovery.
  • How to practice independently – the key to hard-hitting progress.
  • How to embrace your mistakes and avoid the negative effects of lathophobic aphasia – fear of errors
 Participants will receive the following.
  • A pre-workshop syllabus.
  • Three (3) hours of interactive group treatment complimented by individual attention and support.
  • A self-directed visual definition of aphasia-apraxia.
  • A set of personalized therapy protocols, materials and training videos.
  • Personal demonstration and advice from patients successfully using these methods.
  • A complimentary two (2) week subscription to
  • A 35% subscription discount to
  • The opportunity and support to form and participate in an Aphasia Self-Help Treatment Team.
  • Optional sixty (60) minutes of additional one-on-one consultation/therapy time with Bill Connors.
 Cost:            -$99.00 for one participant with a caregiver/helper in attendance and all materials, or
-$169.00 which includes attendance and materials as above plus sixty (60) minutes of individual post-workshop consulting with Bill Connors.
Any Speech and Language Pathologist referring two (2) attendees is welcome to attend at no cost.

       Dates:        Saturday, June 21, 2008 or Saturday, July 26, 2008.
                        Each session will be scheduled from 8:30am – 12:00Noon.

       Location:    Crossroads Speech and Hearing                        3240 Washington Road, Suite 200, McMurray, PA  15317.
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© 2008 Aphasia Center of Innovative Treatment
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