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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Regional Interval Intensive Aphasia Program

News Announcement -- Regional Interval Intensive Aphasia Program to start in Summer of 2011 

Procedures for Full Service Subscribers to login to


·      In the upper right corner of the screen click on Login

·      In the open box below the phrase, Username or email address, type in your email address

·      In the open box below type in your password

·      Click on the button below that has the word  Log in

Now the multitude of features on are available to you. 

Once you have completed the website login, to use the Aphasia Sight Reader Software only you must login a second time directly to that program:

·      On the top menu bar click on Subscriber Tools

·      Drop down to Software

·      Click on Aphasia Sight Reader

·      In the box that has the word EMAIL in it type in your email address

·      In the box to the right that has .........  in it type in your password

·      To the right click on the button with the words Log in

·      Below the word Products, click on the underlined phrase Run Aphasia Site Reader

·      Click on the word Begin

·      Enter the number of seconds you want to see the stimulus words in the Time Interval Box

·      Select a Word or a Sentence List

·      Click on Continue


Should you have any questions or problems contact us at information or 724.494.2534 

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Introducing the Interval Intensive Aphasia Treatment program from The Aphasia Center at Steps Forward and .  This new program combines the benefits of on-site intensive aphasia treatment with ongoing online intensive aphasia treatment. 

Some unique features of the program include:

·      Convenient - on-site treatment in your geographic area followed up with online treatment in your home.

·      Intensive -  two weeks of treatment

·      Flexible- 10 hour and 20 hour schedules for the week of onsite treatment

·      Continued practice-  homework is given daily, with online follow-up practice between two week sessions

·      Recurring sessions- complete an on-site program, follow up with online treatment, then complete another two week session in 3-4 months. We'll keep your progress going.

·      Cost-effective- the presence of Dr. Bartels-Tobin and her associates in your area minimizes expenses for travel and housing making intensive treatment affordable for many more people

·      Expertise- you will work with highly experienced, expert speech pathologists in both intensive and ongoing aphasia treatment both of whom have many years of aphasia rehabilitation experience.  At your request we can also collaborate your efforts with your local speech pathologist or aphasia center.

·      Effective outcomes-Visit for information about intensive treatment.  Visit for information from persons who have participated in intensive therapy and for information on online treatment outcomes. 


This first of these cutting-edge, regional programs will be offered in northern Virginia, convenient to clients in VA; DC; MD; PA; NY; NJ; DE and WV. Clients may choose a 20 or a 10-hour per week schedule for the two weeks of the program. Clients supply their own meals and snacks, as well as provide for their personal care and medication regimens.  A personal laptop is quite helpful.  Our first 2-week session will be in the summer of 2011.  Since few spaces are available, we recommend you contact us soon.  Reservations require payment for the 2-week program in full at least one month in advance and spaces will be filled on a first-come basis. Those clients who cannot be accommodated for the initial session may be offered preference for the following session.


For more information about this program, contact Dr. Bartels-Tobin at or  727-823-2529 or Bill Connors at or 724-494-2534.  Visit our website at


Contact us also about sponsoring or attending regional interval intensive aphasia treatment programs in your area.

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