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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Intensive Interval Aphasia Treatment

Announcing the The Intensive Interval Aphasia Treatment
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Presentations and Workshops:

October 6, 9 am -- 2:30 pm est , Life After Stroke...A Journey to Recovery, Grosse Pointe War Memorial, Grosse Pointe MI [ call Beaumont Hospital at 800-633-7377 to register ]

November 18,19 , 2010 , The American Speech Language Hearing Association National Convention, Philadelphia, PA

November 21, 2010, Effective and Affordable Treatment Options for Aphasia -- A consumer Workshop, Philadelphia, PA

March, 25,26,27 2010 ,  The California Speech and Hearing Association State Convention, Los Angeles, CA
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"The Intensive Interval Aphasia Treatment Program is revolutionizing aphasia therapy.  It combines the best of 3 worlds -- short bursts of intensive treatment; with intensive ongoing treatment and practice; supported by innovative tools, technology and peer support -- all at affordable rates."  Bill Connors, founder of

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Intensive aphasia therapy has been described as "...a treatment program that offers 10-20 hours of therapy weekly... provided in a more concentrated, compressed way -- over a shorter period of time ( A number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of intensive treatment for aphasia ( Hinckley, J. J. & Carr, T. H. (2005 ) and compared  the outcomes of intensive and nonintensive aphasia treatment. Aphasiology. 19, 965-974;  ).  One study discussed associated changes in brain activity following intensive therapy for aphasia ( ) .  One well-known and well-respected intensive aphasia program is the Steps Forward program [ ] in Florida directed by Dr. Lori Bartels-Tobin.  Another highly effective intensive program for US veterans is the PIRATE program [ ] located in Pittsburgh not far from the home office of .

Clients and caregivers often ask, "What is the best, most affordable way to approach intensive aphasia treatment?  And most importantly, how do we keep progressing when we are discharged from the intensive program?"
We have listened to hundreds of patients, caregivers and colleagues over the past decade discuss their concerns with traditional intensive treatment programs, including our own original program The Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center.  Their concerns centered on: expensive costs for tuition, travel and other expenses; lack of effective follow-up treatment at program's end; insufficient one-on-one time with an aphasia therapist; and ineffective, boring drills and materials. 

We have the answer.   The Intensive Interval Aphasia Treatment Program. ( IIAT ) .  This program provides a short burst of aphasia treatment.  The time may vary from ½ to 3 days based on the client's locality and individual needs and resources.  While our primary office is located in Pittsburgh, PA, we offer the IIAT at other locations around the USA.  The client then has ongoing treatment sessions including all that is offered by and The Aphasia Solutions Network.  The client may then alternate his/her ongoing therapy and practice program with intensive sessions.  By utilizing this program, patients can receive a year of intensive treatment and practice using truly innovative tools, materials and technology at a fraction of the cost of a traditional program.  We also coordinate our ongoing work with traditional intensive programs.   Moreover, this program includes direct face to face treatment with an aphasia expert, follow-up on a regular basis, per group interaction and support and considerable increase in independent practice.  We even have support and coaching programs for caregivers online.  

Email us at or call 724-494.2534 to register for the Intensive Interval Aphasia Program or to request more information.
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