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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Odds and Ends 11/09

ODDS AND ENDS ISSUE                                                 11/15/09

State Convention Presentations

The North DakotaSpeech Language Hearing Association, Thursday October 22, 2009 8:30 am -- 5:50pm. 

Thanks so much for a wonderful "makes such sense"!!!!! presentation. So inspiring to see your clients as an SLP; and as a fellow human being to see their persistence and smiles. Powerful, humbling. KH, SLP

Thank you for sharing your information.  I truly enjoyed your presentation and found numerous ways to apply your concepts/strategies to my practice. MR, SLP

We received a lot of positive feedback and participants felt like they could use all of the info you presented. TI, SLP

This workshop was very successful.  Seven of our clients and caregivers talked to and demonstrated treatment techniques with the participants using videoconferencing. The participating SLPs were unanimous in their praise for the energy, aggressive and positive attitudes and communication skills of our clients.   As a result of this session, we have begun to collaborate with several SLP in ND.  Bill Connors, 

The Kentucky Speech-Language-Hearing Association State Convention on Thursday February 25, 2010

The Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association State Convention on Saturday, March 13, 2010

For information about professional and/or consumer workshops in your area or institution, contact BillConnors at bill@aphasiatoolbox.comor 724.494.2534 .

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We are proud and excited to announce two additions to our staff:

Pushpa Ramachandran, MA,CCC-SLP has been a speech language pathologist since 2002. She has a wide variety of interests and experiences that range from alternative and augmentative communication, pediatric speech and language issues, brain injury/ strokerehabilitation and swallowing disorders. Pushpa has worked in the public schools, autism clinics, home health, private practice, acute hospital setting as well as a core team member at a community stroke rehabilitation program. Her most recent accomplishment was the coordination and development of an unified Tracheostomy Weaning Protocol as well as starting staff training program regarding "Dysphagia in Tracheostomy patients" at the Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, CA. She is an ASHA member and currently holds a practicing license in the State of California. At present she practices out of her home in Pune, India. 

Pushpa began her training in aphasia rehabilitation in 2002 serving as a graduate clinician in the intensive treatment program at the Pittsburgh  Aphasia Treatment Center when it was housed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. She was one of the finest student clinicians in our 14 year history.  Pushpa will be leading our distance clinic and SLP collaboration networking. Bill Connors, Director of PATREC 

Janet Ross, MSW,RSW  has served since 2004 on the faculty at Northern Lakes College and sessional instructor with University of Calgary since 2005. Her duties included instruction, administrative and knowledge of social work within distance education. Most of her clinical experience has been in Child Welfare, Family Violence and Addiction counseling. While she was the lead in Child Welfare in the area, she organized Family Group Conferencing, Student Health Initiative, Fetal Alcohol Effect Disorder, and Community Partnership Counsel. Janet began a contract position offering home studies with kinship care and adoption within Children Services. This contract also provided her with more specialized knowledge within Family Group Conferencing in Alberta. She is very interested in community issues and has worked within that area. Janet was the chairperson of the Bullying and Harassment conference at Slave Lake in 2005 and Outback Power Pack girl camp for four years. Janet has been instrumental in organizing a family violence program in Slave Lake, called Anger Ed and has presented on the topics of Family Group Conferencing to audiences internationally and Violence prevention in Alberta. Janet is able to provide suicide prevention workshops from the center of Suicide Prevention in Alberta. 

Janet is one of then many success stories at PATREC. Through her hard work, she has overcome the effects of aphasia to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently in one-on-one and group situations.  Recently she delivered a 15 minute speech from memory to a group of SLPs in ND USA and has facilitated small peer groups using videoconferencing with aphasia clients throughout the USA and Canada.  Janet will serving as intake coordinator and peer tutor/advisor. BillConnors, Director of PATREC

These additions mean that we do not have a waiting list for new clients at this time. 

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Ø We have moved!!  Our new main office is located at 800 Vinial Street, B-409, Pittsburgh, PA 15212.  The phone number remains the same -- 724.494.2534 . The new office will house the regional aphasia clinic for PATREC.  It will also allow us to again offer the intensive aphasia treatment program: one full week of on-site intensivetreatment with one full year of follow-up practice and support.

Ø  Our newest software program:  The Verbal Working Memory and Attention Training Program for Aphasia (VWMATFA)    Our web-based Aphasia Sight Reader  (ASR) dedicated software revolutionized the use technology for aphasia rehabilitation and now has over 300 stimuli lists.  This means that the ASR provides unlimited amounts of practice, either coached or done independently by people with aphasia.  It has become an Aphasia Practice in a PC  for the dozens of SLPs who utilize the software or collaborate with us on client care eliminating the need for bulky picture or printed stimuli, makes data collection easy and ensures patient practice accountability.  In our last newsletter, we showed how Dr. Roy Ivy of TX used the ASR to regain his reading ability several years after his stroke allowing him to reenter medical practice.

The VWMATFA software provides focused practice for the cognitive underpinnings for aphasia recovery including verbal and phonological working memory and sustained, focused, alternating and divided attention.  These programs can be demoed and trialed by individual request only.  Contact Bill Connors at or724.494.2534 .

Ø  Group online sessions.

The Men's Aphasia Bootcamp- The Bootcamp has two sessions - an AM and PM.  At this time there are two openings for new clients.  Using, 4-5 men with aphasia work with and support each other once a week.  Bill Connors and/or Pushpa Ramachandran facilitate the session.  

The Woman's Aphasia Practice Club- The Woman's Club has one session in the  AM.  At this time there is one opening for new clients.  Using, 4-5 women with aphasia work with and support each other once a week.  Bill Connors and/or Pushpa Ramachandran facilitate the session. 

SLP Innovative Treatment Roundtable- The Roundtable meets once a week.  At this time there are no openings, however, a new session is being formed for SLPs who are interested in aphasia rehabilitation and should be up and running within two weeks.  Bill Connors facilitates the session. 

If you have any questions or want to register to participate in group sessions, contact Bill Connors at or 724.494.2534 .

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