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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ANNOUNCING The Interval Intensive Aphasia

The Interval Intensive Aphasia
    Treatment Program
"This program is revolutionizing aphasia therapy.  It combines the best of three worlds - short bursts of intensive treatment, effective ongoing support, and innovative tools."
Bill Connors, Director of the Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center
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Happy Thanksgiving to our fellow subscribers in the United States.  In keeping with the spirit of this holiday, will give a free 45 minute consultation to the first 5 newsletter subscribers who respond to or 734.494.2534.  Any aphasia topics can be discussed including: review and recommendations of plans of treatment; intensive therapy programs; self help resources; current research and evidence; and advice and ideas to help make practice activities therapeutic and more relevant.

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Our subscribers often ask, “What is the best, most affordable way to approach intensive aphasia treatment?”
Intensive aphasia therapy has been described as “…a treatment program that offers 10-20 hours of therapy weekly… provided in a more concentrated, compressed way – over a shorter period of time ( ).  A number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of intensive treatment for aphasia ( Hinckley, J. J. & Carr, T. H. (2005).  Comparing the outcomes of intensive and nonintensive aphasia treatmentAphasiology. 19, 965-974;  ).  One study discussed associated changes in brain activity following intensive therapy for aphasia ( ). 
 We have composed a chart for our subscribers that displays basic information and cost comparisons for the major intensive aphasia programs in the US and Canada.  To request a copy of this chart, send an email to requesting the IAP Matrix.  
 Everything in life seems to come with benefits and costs.  At the Pittsburgh Aphasia Treatment, Research and Education Center (PATREC), we have listened to hundreds of patients, caregivers andd colleagues over the past decade discuss their concerns with traditional intensive treatment programs, including our own program.  Their concerns centered on: expensive costs for tuition, travel and other expenses; lack of effective follow-up treatment at program’s end; insufficient one-on-one time with an aphasia therapist; and ineffective, boring drills and materials. 
 We took these consumer complaints seriously.  In order to get past these shortfalls and deficiencies, the staff at PATREC created the Interval Intensive Aphasia Treatment Program.  By utilizing this program, patients can receive a year of intensive treatment and practice using truly innovative tools, materials and technology at a fraction of the cost of 4-6 week traditional program.  Moreover, this program includes direct face to face treatment with an aphasia expert, follow-up on a regular basis , and considerable increase in independent practice.  For more information about Interval Intensive Aphasia Treatment, visit and contact us at or call 724.494.2534 to discuss the affordability and availability of the preeminent treatment for aphasia and its related disorders.  
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